Kram von Februar 2015

Dear Senator McCain…

Samstag, 07. Februar 2015

don’t take me wrong, but please do the world, europe and finally your country a favour and shut up! Or, if you can’t, try out dying. Really, you would make the world a better place, also for America.

Sure, the conflict in the ukraine is not nice. It’s horrible, cause it’s straight going to be a revival of the cold war. But people like you, lost in the second half of the 20th century, are the reason, why we now are where we are. People like yours constraint to present their subjective monstrous penis to everyone that don’t want to see it is exactly the reason for the problems. Sure, Mr. Putin plays in your league, maybe a league higher, but one of all needs to be wise. As a member of the senate of the self called highest evolved democracy, it is your fucking job to be wise. People like you don’t stop in declaring the russians beeing underdeveloped. Maybe that’s right, from our point of view. But pushing a revival of a war, that lastet nearly 50 years and threatened the whole western world, really is much more underdeveloped than anything else can be.

This thing is our problem in europe. You sit in America. Get your own problems right and let us work on ours. The situation is bad enough even without you advertising for more open war in areas far away from your home just cause you can do it. This attitude is the reason, why more and more europeans don’t like the american government. And that’s the really last thing, our world needs. We have enough important problems.